About Paltner

We do believe that it’s a healthy lifestyle to give your pets genuine affection——Wisdom,Health,Fashion and Love.

Our Business

PALTNER means Promise And Love. It is always the partner of your pet, and the partner of your business.

Paltner Pet Products Co., Ltd was found in 2008, focusing on the field of pet products. We have our own toy factory located in Foshan City, Guangdong China. In order to make funny and happy lifestyle, we are always aiming at making useful pet products that can help to improve interaction between people and pets as well as that can stop your pets from being anxious when they are alone. In the past few years, our products have been exported to Asia, United States, Europe, and South America with a good reputation and competitive prices.

We have gained valuable experience in making stuffed pet toys and rubber/TPR toys. Our developed team is becoming stronger and bigger. We believe more pet products are coming up to satisfy you and your pets.

Our Wish

According to incomplete statistics, there are over 250 million pets in China. But only few of them can enjoy a good life. There is no animal welfare law founded in China. Even guide dogs are not accepted in pubilc including shopping market and bus. There are two forces in China, “dog haters” vs “dog lovers”. We are trying to tell “dog haters” that pets are not as dangerous as they think they were. Pets are really emotionally rich and smarter than what we think they should be. Life should be equal. We don’t think everyone who has pets is real “dog lover”. Chinese should have the ability to tell who is the real “dog lover” and who is not.

We are committed to promoting animal protection and animal welfare legislation.

Something extraordinary happens when pets and people connect. A unique bond is formed that results in something powerful, not only between pets and people, but in a way that makes the world a better place.

Healthier Pets Happier People Better World. 

Factory Overview

Sewing Workshop

Stuffed toys are made here.

Printing Workshop

This is mainly used for making the stuffed toys. We design funny graphic and print on the cloth.


The raw materials needed for production are stored here.

Our pets

We have one golden retriever and picked up three stray baby cats on the road.  We feed them up.


Born in June 2013(estimate)


Born in June 2017(estimate)


Born in June 2017(estimate)


Born in June 2008

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